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Money for Old Mobile – Turn Your Old Mobile Phones Into Cash for my apps:

Mobile phones have become the everyday must-have a product of modern times with over 5 billion users worldwide in 2010 and the ever-changing models are creating a mountain of discarded older phones. Unlimited web access and endless apps have even made new phones quickly redundant and it is estimated that every household has at least 3 unused mobile phones sat in a cabinet someplace, with little if any possibility of consistently being utilized once more. Typically these are then simply thrown away during the next Spring clean which is neither any use to the environment or to your pocket.cash for my apps

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Rather than hanging tight for that clean out when your old telephone may well simply be tossed into the canister bound for a landfill, why not sell it and get the money… It is well documented that mobile phones contain harmful chemicals, so you will be doing your little bit for the environment too. Auction sites used to be the weapon of choice for some people who want to sell mobile phones, but many have reported very disappointing results and only receiving a fraction of the true value.

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A tried and tested method of receiving the full value is to compare the entire network of phone recyclers, and this can be done all in one place. When you have a ready market there all competing for your mobile phone, you are guaranteed to get the best value for it.

All of the major recyclers offer a price for most makes and models of mobile phones mainly for one of two reasons, either to retrieve the valuable components from within the telephone or to renovate them for further use. With the seemingly endless rise in commodity prices in recent times, precious metals such as silver can be retrieved together with semi-precious metals and other components such as flash drives, all of which have a value. In recycling these elements, companies can make huge profits in controlling the entire process from start to finish so they are all battling for your business, earning you up to a 40% premium between one company and another.cash for my apps

Many recyclers also refurbished the phones wherever possible for immediate resale at lower prices or as replacement phones when there has been a technical issue with an existing handset, either way, you are in a great position when you come to sell your old mobile

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