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IS Cash App Safe

IS Cash App Safe? I think I did something stupid

I was utilizing Cash application and I saw that they have this thing where you can pursue a free visa platinum card that they furnish you with and you can put your name on it and redo it is cash app safe

It requested my postage information which is ordinary since they send you the card. in any case, at that point, they approached me for the keep going four digits on my SSN.

I found that odd yet I put it. It at that point said that they couldn’t check the number and now they instructed me to put my complete name and my FULL SSN. I put it since I’m inept and I simply needed my card is cash app safe  

. It at that point approached me for the back and front of my driver’s permit and afterward an image of myself to confirm the essence of my driver’s permit. I have like no synapses so I did the entirety of this and afterward I surmise the money application slammed and it just returned me back to the default page of the money application.is cash app safe

It didn’t state that my card was being made now or that my data was prepared. It additionally took exceptionally long for the driver’s permit to be confirmed.

Did the entirety of my data simply get stolen???? I’m blowing a gasket now and I had a go at messaging Cash App and they gave some bologna reaction about them being protected with exchanges

. This is isn’t an exchange. Is it conceivable that that was a programmer and it currently got the entirety of my own information? It would be ideal if you somebody help.This page is created by WP wpfreshstart WordPress plugin

all cashouts declined:

I have been utilizing money application fine for quite a long time and now unexpectedly every withdrawal I make is being declined

. I click the money out alternative and sit tight for it and in a day or two, I simply get an email saying it has been declined and I look and my cash is back on my money application account.is cash app safe

What would be a good idea for me to do? I called the bank and they said there’s nothing amiss with the record and that they don’t see the pending installments or any installments attempting to come in.

I saw the messages sent to me with money application and it just says it was declined by the bank however they state they don’t see itis cash app safe.

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